SBS in the REAL world

January 20, 2008

I had some visitors up here in Barrie, Ontario from the SBS team this weekend. We spent time eating, laughing, talking and when we found the time, doing some testing on the latest beta of Cougar (or as some are calling it, albeit unofficially “SBS 2008”.

For many of them this was their first experience actually talking to the CUSTOMERS who use SBS. We visited a client site, and you could see the surprise in their faces as they walked into the office. One commented “This is a really nice place”. Yes. Our customers are real businesses and organizations who serve real clients. I don’t say that sarcastically. He commented after meeting some of the staff here how different it is for him to really see technology at work in the “real world”. He was excited and thankful for the opportunity.

We talked about  more of the SBS team getting out and visiting real clients. Finding out what their real business pains and challenges are, instead of just reading about them from marketing white-papers, or hearing about if from those of us lucky enough to engage with the team in Redmond.

He’s taking back with him the feedback that they need to get out and experience SBS in action. BUSINESS in action.

I encourage this, and encourage you to invite your local Microsoft rep’s into your office, and your clients offices. Let them meet the real people they are designing this fantastic tool for, and watch their faces light up. If their experience is similar to the one the SBS team member I’ve written about, they’ll go back to Redmond with a renewed excitement and determination to make SBS all it can be.


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