Microsoft Financing – GROW your business!

January 23, 2008

Out sales in 2007 increased by 27% over 2006! This far surpassed our goal of 15%.

One of the tools we used to achieve this is the Microsoft Financing program.

Microsoft will finance your customers entire IT project, including all hardware, software and service. ANYTHING that’s on the invoice is covered – Microsoft or not.

The Microsoft Total Solution Financing program allows you to:

Finance one or more parts of the solution that includes Microsoft software for improved scalability.
Take advantage of competitive rates.
Simplify financing with a streamlined process.
Use one resource for all your solution needs.
Spread payments over an extended period of time.
Preserve financing resources and improve cash flow.
Balance project results with cash outflows.

Not only is the rate more than competitive, but the first year the customer can pay as little as $50 per month in order to get the ROI from the network and processes you put in place, and THEN start paying the regular payments after that, or pay the financing off in full with no penalties.

We closed three very large deals in 2007 that wouldn’t have closed or at least been as large as they were without the financing offer.

Look at the program and let your customers take advantage. They can upgrade/implement the tools they need now to grow their businesses, you get paid UP FRONT by the financing company, and everybody wins.


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