SharePoint and SBS 2008

January 19, 2009

Sharepoint has been a standard part of SBS since version 2003. There was quite a bit of BUZZ around it, although it just didn’t seem to take of the way it could have.

Now that SharePoint 2007 is integrated with SBS 2008, I think this will change! The capabilities of SharePoint are incredible. Bring Sharepoint Designer into the mix, and you can literally create a brand new profit center for your company.

An example of a solution we have built for a client:
The customer has inventory spread out across multiple locations. Sales people were referring to MANY separate Excel spreadsheets in order to try and find parts for customers. This was cumbersome and messy. In the end salespeople just ended up ordering NEW parts, adding to cost, for the company.

We were able to easily consolidate all data into one sharepoint custom list, create views and filters for the sales people to drill down to the products they are looking for, and create an easy but deep search solution front end.

With Sharepoint Designer, we were able to extend the solution by creating custom formatting that flagged an item in red if  it was below a vertain quantity, and allow administrators to update the product list easily and intuitively.

Bottom line – Salespeople are now pulling stock from CURRENT inventory, saving the company time and money. this solution has opened the customers eyes to SharePoint and they are now looking at having us stramline many more processes!

I’ll be blogging more about SBS and Sharepoint capabilities! Stay tuned!



  1. Good to see you posting up again my friend 🙂

    Happy MLK Day to you in Canada.


  2. You’re right that SharePoint hasn’t yet reached the heights that it should. Unfortunately most resellers have not invested teh time in learning the product. It is a really simple way to create great solutions for their’s and their customers. Problem is you can’t really sell SharePoint unless you use it!

    The added benefit is that as we move into the world of cloud computing SharePoint is going to be there front and centre. So get on board now I say!

    Robert Crane

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