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Get Ready for the Zune HD!!

June 1, 2009


Zune HD

Microsoft has started promoting the upcoming Zune HD! I love the Zune. It’s like the “little player that could”. iPod obviously has more market awareness and market share up the wazoo – but in so many respects the Zune is a much better device.

  • The upcoming Zune HD will output HD content to your HDTV
  • Have a very nice batte4r efficient OLED multi touch display
  • Built in HD Radio tuner
  • Wireless built in
  • Can be managed from ANY computer – not just ones you “activate”
  • Zune has a subscription service – one low price per month for all the music you can handle, plus five FREE songs per month you can keep forever

One thing did really disappoint me. At the Zune HD site there is a link to “get the latest information on Zune HD”. I clicked the link and it told me it only works for US users.

WHAT??? Is this information so secretive that Canadian’s just can’t know? Another Microsoft idiotic decision around borders. But I’ll STILL be buying the device!